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Maguss is probably one of most popular game on today. It is great opportunity to enter to world with magic, monster, and spells. It is easy way to feel like Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. One of most important thing for game’s creatores is that make game, which can you teleport to different world in the same place. How to work? It is easy – key is augmented reality. Technology, which revolution whole game’s world in last years. Big success Pokemon GO is great opportunity to make another game in this mode. Maguss Hack have big chance to repeat this success, definitely. Why? Because it have great story, fantastic graphic, and a lot of question on way to be the best wizard in game. So, talk me – do you not even be like a wizard? Can fly on broom? Spell magic to beat any monster? If you watched Harry Potter series, you will dream on. It is not surprise, because all children do this.


maguss hack

Maguss Hack – enter to magic world

Maguss is game in new technology. It is a reason, why a lot of people decide to play. New graphic, great stories, and a lot of possibilities to get new abilities – it is things, why we love to play. With augmented reality we can walk on way, and in one moment we have chance to catch horcruxes! It is amazing, because we can input in magic world, when we want to do this. We can use a magic wand and beat monster, which we meet on our way. But it is not only one magic thing in game… Maguss Hack is key to success in game. It is possibility to have more chance to beat monster and other players. On start game you should have knowledge about game. A lot of knowledge. It is great way to dominate other players, remember.

So – how to play in Maguss Hack?

The game based on fight with monsters, which can be found on real maps. In addition, we will be able to fulfill quests, items to collect and duel with other players. All of this, will happen using a smartphone, which at the time of battles turn into a magic wand. The victories will decide our strategy, which we will use spells, and these will have to learn sooner. Now the title is the responsibility of the whole team of artists, developers and marketing specialists. It is a great reason to start play.

Basically in game – spells in Maguss Hack

In game we have a lot of spells. It is not surprise, because of course it is magic game! So, in Maguss Hack we have six categories of spells:

  • Defensive
  • Offensive
  • Charms
  • Utility
  • Summoning
  • Curses

Most popular spells in game is:

  • Magic Shield
  • Clone Attack
  • Slow Poison
  • Blink
  • Hypnotism
  • Dispel
  • Barkskin
  • Reflection
  • Fire trap

Spells have five slot sizes. These range from one to five and determine how many spells per cycle be small cast:

  • Spells do not consume mana. The player does not have a mana pool.
  • Spells cost if thet have been unlocked or learned and appear in your spell book.
  • Players begin with three slots spell in PvE players have all five slots unlocked for PvP

How to learn spells?

If you have to use spells, you should have learning, of course. The player learns spells in several ways:

  • Discovery – spells can learn, when we find NPC on the game map, often these NPCs, require something in exchange. It is best way for me.
  • Combat – rank ten invocation, allows you a very small chance to learn spells that are cast upon you
  • Questing – spells are often offered as a reward for completing a series of tasks
  • Guild Shop – we can get spells in guild shop, one the guild has reached certain GLVLs and the player has enough personal Guild Points to spend
  • Spell Book – it is another way to learn. It is basic in a lot of categories. The spell book is a multi-page list-based inventory that sorts each spell learnt based on it is category.

So, if you have get more information about Maguss Hack, you should read our blog, and find our tips and tricks to game. Enjoy!

Wands in Maguss

Maguss is magic game, in which every player want to have a special things, like wands, mystery clothes and interesting rings. A lot of people looking for place, where their can find one of this things. It is not easy, but if you find or get in other way magic item, you can beat probably everybody. The most powerful thing in all Maguss universe is wand, definitely. It is key to success in the game.

Wand is basic for each wizard’s center of power, by which you can cast spells. The wand chooses its owner, therefore the effectiveness of the implementation of mismatched magic wand is low. However, you must remember if the wand is passed by the rightful owner in new hands, it can adapt to the new wizard for long time. Wand is one of most important things in game, because all creating process it is not easy. The same execution of this magical object is one of the oldest pieces in the magical world. It is possible to obtain information about the spells that have been made by a particular wand spell “Show”.

In Maguss we have few wands, which you can be better than anybody. For example:maguss wands

  • Elder
  • Shatter
  • Old Oak
  • Excalibur
  • Ivy
  • Mace
  • Needle
  • Kylo Ren
  • Claw
  • Twirl
  • Branch
  • Horn
  • Rabbit’s foot
  • Misericord

So, you can choose one of them, and have a lot of fun from game. It is great possibility to take advantage over other players. You should think – which wand is best for me? You should think, how to beat other players, and how is my strong side. For example – you can get information from Harry Potter universe, and use it for beat any players in game.

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